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Guys and Gals

This study (“What’s the Password?”: The Surprising Results | EPC Group) says that men are almost three times as likely as women to include the word “password” in their passwords. This makes it easy to crack, while women are 1.5 times more likely to use the use of four words method. Their passwords are easy to remember but difficult for hackers to figure out.

Putting four words in a row and substituting a number, adding a capital letter works on most sites and creates an easy way to remember the sequence.

A password would look like this:

iCANbyour1 (10 characters, 1 number, capitol letters)

Adding characters for the account you use makes it even better.

iCANbyourF1 for Facebook

iCANbyourG1 for GM

iCANbyourA1 for Amazon

iCANbyourE1 for eBay

If a symbol is a requirement, add it in a memorable space in the string of words.




It is easy to break your password when you use common strings of numbers and letters. Find a phrase you like and use it in different ways for your accounts. Stay safe on your computer.

OH, also, if you keep a list of passwords on a phone, password protect it and do not say what the passwords are for. If you use the method above, the PW will be easy for you to recall, but not obvious for someone else. Remember, Facebook uses your email address, so access to your FB account with a password found on your phone will make it easy to hack your account.

Also, if you put a security lock on the access to your phone, it would have to be factory reset by someone to use it. Your information would be lost and not accessible to the person who has it.

Stay safe on your phones!

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Email Password – Time to Change It

It is time to change your Email password. Why? you ask.

Email is the easiest avenue for a hacker to access your bank or other online accounts. You use your email to log into those accounts and inside the accounts are emails that ask for password rests, temporary passwords and login information to other sites.

If you use your laptop at an airport and use the airport’s free WiFi, you are connected to every other person inside the airport waiting area. Any one of those users can hack into your computer and snag your passwords and then login as you on their own machine and access your accounts.

Want to prevent harm to your accounts?

  • Change your passwords immediately after using your laptop in a public place.
  • Use a personal hotspot instead of the public WiFi
  • Do not use your laptop in public networks
  • For now…check your email from your Smartphone
  • Use a long complicated password

Examples of long complicated passwords



Start with a phrase:

I want a cryptic password

Change it to cryptic symbols and letters


A simple use of using a cryptic password


Change your Email Password today!



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