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XP Security Tools is Malware

You may turn on your computer and suddenly be confronted with the message that your system is infected with a large number of viruses. You may no longer be able to get on the Internet.
This is not a real report and your system is not infected.
XP security Tools 2011 is just this year’s version of malware to scare you into buying their software. It does disable you normal anti-virus and Internet security software, so it creates a doorway for real Trojans and viruses.

This can be removed and you can gain access to the Internet without re-imaging your PC.

First the infection must be removed. You can run Malwarebytes newest version. It will take out all the XP Tools software. You may experience faulty program shortcuts and windows errors. This can be repaired using a registry fix tool for Windows XP. I found this link and ran the tool to remedy the damage done by the XP Security Malware. Here is the LINK.

If you are uncomfortable with cleaning this up yourself, it can be done remotely. Feel free to call for assistance.

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If You are Getting Pop Ups

You are probably infected with Spyware or Adware, two forms of Malware.  This symptom should be addressed immediately as these infections often open the door to infections that cause more severe problems.

Scan your computer for malware. I recommend the Malwarebytes program for this purpose. This program is included on the AntiDisk, sold on Ebay.

It is easy to use,a  free version is available and is not limited for cleaning and removal.

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