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Does Norton Protect Against Malware?

Norton products are often questioned: Does Norton Protect Against Malware?

They come for free on many new systems from the Big Box stores and I find myself uninstalling them in favor of a more robust Anit-Malware product. So, does Norton protect against malware? I think so. But a person using the computer needs to be educated in the use of this product to make it beneficial.

Often when I look at a system checking it for Malware, and I see Norton there, I also notice that the software has not been kept up to date. NO Anti-Malware software will do it’s job if the software is installed and then forgotten about.

Updates to the definitions, the product core need to be updated and made ready to fight against the viruses and malware attacks that infect computers.

To fairly answer the question does Norton protect against Malware? I would ask you three questions:

Do you click on things that pop up and say “you need to scan you computer to make it run faster”

Do you regularly check the status of the program and the definitions updates?

Do you regularly run a scan or run a scan if you notice a change in your system?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, Norton will not effectively help you. You should get a product that manages the updates, scans and pop ups on your system. You will still need to run full scans periodically, but you will be more satisfied with the protection activity. Here are some programs I recommend:

  1. One of these would do a good job
    1. Avast
    2. Kaspersky
    3. Anvisoft Defender
    4. Bitdefender
    5. Download AVG AntiVirus 2014 Free
    6. Avira 35% off Avira Internet Security Suite

Keep this in mind when selecting your Malware prevention Protection. It does not have to cost a lot of money to protect you. It does cost your time and attention.

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