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Ebay Database Hacked – Change Your Password

In February or March, Ebay was hacked and the database was stolen.

Ebay was hacked it is time to change your passwordEbay hacked. A cyber criminal has gotten into the Ebay customer database using an employee login account and the records for customers has been compromised.

It is a good time to change this password. For those that took my class on password suggestions and creation, remember you can use those symbols above the letters to form a phrase that visually you recognize, but make the password more cryptic.
Take a phrase like I buy ebay and turn it into a password that looks like this. IbuYEb@Y. Add non meaningful numbers to it and you’re done. IbuYEb@Y3409 where the numbers are meaningful only to you. ( A special date of old locker number).

Ebay password changes are done quite easily and is located under the Account settings for your Ebay account.

You can read the story of the attack onĀ

Changing your passwords frequently for Financial transaction sites is a good idea. Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Banks, Stock sites, etc should be changed routinely. The changes should be logged so you do not get yourself locked out.

Password logbooks which allow you to write down the password off of your computer, but also let you store it away in a safe box that is fire safe, is also a good practice.

If you are using a laptop and keeping your passwords on the same laptop, you risk having your personal security breached if the laptop is stolen.

See a simple password logbook here on Amazon.


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