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Your Holiday Surfing IS Prime for Infection

Holiday Internet Shopping ImageHoliday surfing often means you are on sites you have never visited. It means you are buying online and clicking on ads. Ads in and of themselves are not the problem. The fast clicking you do during a rush to buy something can be.

Ads are the ways that stores let you know what they have for you and help you make choices. I regularly run ads that show items I find interesting and fun. As a photographer, I often search for camera stuff. The ads I see when I surf that are delivered to me through Amazon often show new camera or photography gear. Your surfing may show other things that you have an interest in seeing. These are not inherently bad.

Ads are shown to you because of your surfing interests online. An example would be; I did a search for a vacuum cleaner. Specifically an upright vacuum. On the browser screen I used later, I saw ads for vacuums. Not a surprise. Could actually be helpful.

When you start getting PoP-Ups and they invade your surfing windows, you may have an early level infection that should be removed.

My advice to you to stay safe is to stick with known sites such as Amazon and Google shopping. There is one more thing you should do. That is scan regularly for Malware or install a copy of the subscription Malwarebytes. Make sure your computer is covered for incoming infections and powerful malicious software. Malwarebytes is also available for Mac users.

The effects of the infections you get during the holiday buying season may not manifest themselves until after January. These infections start small and grow into something difficult to remedy over time. The easy to acquire Adware opens the door to the more infectious Spyware and worse. Adware removed early on prevents the other infections from taking hold.

A protected computer will keep your holiday season happy and healthy.

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Anti Exploit Stops Infection Before it Hurts

Anti Exploit is a Malwarebytes product that blocks incoming infection on your computers.

This is a NEW product for Malwarebytes and if your are security conscious you want this.

Unlike antivirus products, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit proactively prevents exploits from installing on your computer, preventing any damage from happening in the first place.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit uses proprietary technology to protect your computer in that critical period between the release of a new exploit and its security patch.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is also very affordable; a 1 year subscription for 1 PCs is only $24.95 and Anti-Exploit for Business starts at just $29.95 for a 1 year subscription 1 PC.

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MAC Computers Need Anti Malware

MAC Computers need Anti Malware too.

Did you know that those that create malware do it to get money through the software you use online for mail and surfing. They shortest distance between your computer and your bank account is your email program.

The good new is there is a program that will help prevent the attacks that bring you down.

Malwarebytes for MAC
Mac version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware download only.

I have used this to clean MACbook computers with great success. Catch the malware before it catches you.

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Why you NEED an Anti-Malware Program

You need an anti-malware program to protect the one thing malware is trying to get from your computer … your money.

Simple Malware infections allow more severe infections to attack your computer.

A system that is running slower than usual is symptomatic of Malware infection.

Malware is easy to get if you are connected to the Internet and using a standard Internet browser. Websites that offer perks, often contain backend PUPs ( Potentially Unwanted Programs). These programs slow your computer down and create a possibility of clicking on something you do not want in an effort to get the computer to do what you do want. What can happen then is you will accumulate other forms of Malware such as Adware and Spyware.

Adware is the vehicle for you receiving pop-ups and ads for things for have already searched for on the Internet. Have you ever wondered why you see certain ads on the sidebar of your Yahoo page? Adware is helping that. Spyware does that to a higher level. It actually feeds the originator of the Spyware with information about your browsing history by spying on your surfing. These two Malware types slow down your system too.

I have found that a computer that is routinely cleaned with a program like Malwarebytes, does not get the more extreme and harmful Malware (trojans, bots and worms). The cleaner your browsing history and temporary files are, the safer your Internet surfing will be.


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It’s World Password Day

Take the World Password Day quiz.

Have fun listening to Betty White Talk about the MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)

For that Password Manager mentioned:
RoboForm: Learn more...

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New Product Offering for Security

This new product (new to me) sounds like just the thing to keep your browsing to yourself, protected and secure, wherever you are.

This type of product is a personal VPN, Virtual Private Network. You are in your own network and not exposed to public WiFi hackers or network thieves. This product, Hotspot Shield(R), is being called “The World’s Most Trusted Privacy Solution“. You can read all about it here. Make the right choice for your browsing. Whether you are on your phone or in front of your PC or MAC, knowing you are behind a secure protective shield is comforting.

This is a product whose time is now! Check it out.

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Resolution for 2016

How about a resolution for 2016 to change your passwords?

resolution for 2016 Change your passwordsMake a resolution for 2016 -a different password for email than you do for your bank or your blog. I know it is not January, but it is never too late. And a new stronger password for the one application that is easily hacked in public WIFI locations such as coffee houses, airports, and soon city streets.

Use a new scheme for the passwords this time. Instead of simply using the dog’s name and some numbers, try this:

Write out a phrase

Change up the letters in the phrase to ones that look like letters but are not.

Add uppercase letters randomly

Squish it together

Write it backwards

Lets see how that looks in real life:

  1. My phrase: Silly words make me laugh
  2. 5illy wo4ds ma8e m3 l8ugh
  3. 5iLLy wo4ds Ma8E M3 l8UgH
  4. 5iLLywo4dsMa8EM3l8UgH
  5. HgU8l3ME8aMsd4owyLLi5

Final result is a password nobody will guess and won’t be machine guessed either.

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The New Credit Cards

EMV Credit CardsThe New EMV Credit Cards

What questions do you have about the cards?

This article answers many of them.

The EMV Chip Credit Cards

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Travel With Internet

With the Holidays, comes travel with the Internet.

You most likely take your laptop or tablet with you while you travel to the near and far relatives homes. This may include public transportation such as airplanes, trains and perhaps buses. Today many of these are offering free and paid Internet access. There are a few things to be warned about with regard to your computer safety while traveling.

If you pay for Internet or it is free, the privacy of the connection is not PRIVATE. Your computer becomes part of a very large network of computers – everyone using that service is a part of that network. IF your computer or device is set to “share” files and folders, your new “neighbors” do have access to those files.

As you connect to the various networks that become available to you, when the question arises, “Do you want to share files with others on this Network?”, your answer should ALWAYS be NO. Sharing opens up your files and system to those you know and those you do not. If you are connected at your close cousin’s house and you answer yes, not only can the members of that household see your files, but anyone that has access to that network does also.

You may say at this point, it is only family here. BUT, are you sure about the security that your cousin has on this network? How simple was the password you used to access the network? Do you know EVERYONE that comes online while you are connected?

Know that hotels, airports, coffee houses, trains offer free public WiFi and that means anyone near this connection can pick up your data if they wanted to.

Travel with your own HOtspot, KarmaSMARTPHONE OR KARMAGOWIFI

You can buy your own HOTSPOT. This provides Internet without the public. Many Smartphone providers offer hotsopt services. I just heard about one that is not connected to a phone. It’s name is Karma Go Wifi and you can purchase the device, then fill it with Internet Hotspot time that does not expire with your month end. When the data time is used, you buy more. This connection is PRIVATE. You make it as secure as you want. ┬áThat is the way to go Traveling with Internet.

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Email Password – Time to Change It

It is time to change your Email password. Why? you ask.

Email is the easiest avenue for a hacker to access your bank or other online accounts. You use your email to log into those accounts and inside the accounts are emails that ask for password rests, temporary passwords and login information to other sites.

If you use your laptop at an airport and use the airport’s free WiFi, you are connected to every other person inside the airport waiting area. Any one of those users can hack into your computer and snag your passwords and then login as you on their own machine and access your accounts.

Want to prevent harm to your accounts?

  • Change your passwords immediately after using your laptop in a public place.
  • Use a personal hotspot instead of the public WiFi
  • Do not use your laptop in public networks
  • For now…check your email from your Smartphone
  • Use a long complicated password

Examples of long complicated passwords



Start with a phrase:

I want a cryptic password

Change it to cryptic symbols and letters


A simple use of using a cryptic password


Change your Email Password today!



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