About MalwareTruth

This is about Malware. I called it MalwareTruth so there would be no doubt: what it is, How it infects, where it comes from, and how to get rid of it.

I wanted to tell you what Malware is and why it is not just viruses. I will be telling the facts about Malware (malicious software), it’s cause and effect and the ways to prevent it.
Malware is a category of computer infection. Within this category are several forms of infection. The most familiar infection is viruses. Some people have also heard about Spyware. This infection type is what its name implies, spying on you and your computer activity. Adware is fed by Spyware. Spyware sends messages back to the developer and then Adware is sent to your computer, creating popups.

Worms are familiar to some as a form of infection also. This type eats your data until the drive is empty.

There is an infection called a bot which even though it has a small name, it affects are deadly. This type communicates with the source developer of the BOT and sends information from your computer. The information being sent could be your email address or your ID’s and passwords.

On the page called The List of Malware Types, you can read the definitions of each form of Malware.
Malware installs itself onto your computer secretly. After the program is installed, it performs the tasks its creator has programmed it to do. This could be sending you to a site different than you requested. It could be masking the destination to look like you got where you wanted to go while stealing the information you type to further steal from you.

Virus protection programs will not protect your computer against Malware. They are limited to the protection from Viruses. Malware is more than a virus.

Do you have your own website? Would you like to make sure it is protected from getting infected? You do! Your customers will get infected if your site is infected.

Make sure you scan it regularly and keep it free of infections.

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